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Youkits TJ2B Mk2 4 band SSB handholdt tranceiver

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Youkits TJ2B Mk2 4 band SSB handholdt tranceiver
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  • Full assembled and tested, ready to use.

    New final transistor RD15
    DDS controlled, Minature LCD display with frequency
    5W output
    TX/RX: 5-21MHz, covering  60m, 40m, 20m,17m and 15m band (No TX on 30m)
    1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz tuning rate availabe
    Dual VFO with 40 memories
    Memory transfer to VFO
    One tuning knob plus 4 keys to realize all functions such as Step, Mode, A/B, Memory/VFO, Memory to VFO transfer, etc.
    Built in speaker, mic and PTT
    Lithium battery pack:1600mah with charger
    Enclosure size: 195mm(L) x 68mm (w) x 38mm (T)

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